Monday, October 29, 2007

Bagel Diet?

I think I might have made a major medical discovery this weekend. If you hammer a bunch of nails and only eat bagels for a whole weekend, you will lose weight. I started off the weekend at about 208. Then on Saturday and Sunday all I ate were bagels from St. Louis Bread Company (4 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday). The result was a weight of 203.5. Some might say that this is due to a lack of calories and lots of activity, but I think I owe it all to the power of the bagel.

Deep in my heart I wish the bagel diet really worked, because I could probably eat just bagels.

Not a lot to report. I have been working on the house a lot, but I will not make my personal deadline of November 1st for being done with the major rennovations. I have all of my sub-floor down and still need to get the walls smoothed out before I can paint. The other real problem is that my dad can't come over again for a few weeks and he is integral to the project being complete.

I crashed a Halloween partay on Friday. It was ok and unexpected. Ashley got off work at 11:30 and told Casey and I that we were crashing a party. When he got to our house he also had just discovered that it was a costume party. After a lot of time and thought were spent(5 minutes worth) we all had costumes. Casey wore my powder blue tuxedo and drew on a mustache to be Steve Buscemi from the Wedding Singer. Ashley and I found some short gym shorts and tight t-shirts and tennis raquets to be an 80s Doubles Tennis team. Luckily I think we escaped without any pictures of us being taken. We made fun of these guys who wanted to dress up like the furies from "The Warriors," but instead of baseball uniforms they wore scrubs because they were cheaper. That took it from a potentially good costume to a very lame costume. That is like dressing up like the incredible hulk, but painting yourself yellow because the paint was cheaper.

It was a semi fun party with a little dancing and some good music (some sort of mash-ups mix was playing).

I have recently found this guy who blogs from prison in Arizona. I have found it very interesting because I have travelled to so many prisons around the country for my old job. I also spent about 3 months in Arizona back in 2005. If I get around to it maybe I'll put up a link.

Keep on keeping on.

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Debonnairio Returns said...

You better have that house ready by the time I hit the lou! I am landing at 10:35 pm on November 17th... so get back to work!!!!