Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gold Medalz

I don't know if anyone reads as much worthless news as I do, but hopefully you can follow along.

Marion Jones the olympic athlete recently admitted to using steroids (but who dosen't love at least a little steroids) and gave back her olympic medals. Some people were very upset over this whole ordeal. The first thing that I thought of was McDonald's. I'm not sure if the promotion was running in 2000 when Marion Jones earned her medals, but McDonald's had a contest where you would win prizes based on how many medals a certain country had at the end of the olympics.

Do you think that anyone who won prizes at McDonalds based on the number of medals earned by the USA will be getting a call soon to give their prizes back? It is only fair.

So far everything I feel like writing about is food. This may have something to do with my girth. Hopefully the next entry will range into different topics, like beverages.

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