Thursday, October 18, 2007


Not too much has been going on the last few days. I can finally walk again after all of my weekend trampolining. That is a big plus.

I think our doggies are starting to get cabin fever because it has been raining a lot. As a result peanut, the little troublemaker, has been chewing on anything she can find while we're not looking. Ex: Kleenex, Toliet Paper, Shoes, Magazines, Bath Mats, Paper, Casey's bookbag, and probably other things we haven't found yet. She is just too fucking cute for me to get angry with her. At least we have one good dog.

For some reason, Casey and I like to go on dates to the county (usually South County) and go to chain restaurants. So last night we went on a romantic dinner to the Texas Roadhouse. It was delicious and it seems it was everyone in the place's birthday. What are the odds.

We are in the process of remodeling our living/dining room in our house. We started by ripping up the carpet and dismantling some walls in March or April, but now after 7 months we are actually making some progress. This is mostly thanks to my dad, and very little to me although I am learning. So I am getting excited to being able to enjoy half of my house again in the near future.

Besides working on the house this weekend I think a trip to a pumpkin patch might be in order. My friend Josh told us about a Pumpkin Patch in Chesterfield that they go to that looks pretty nice. It also looks like this pumpkin patch has a corn maze. That is pretty great, because I have only been to one corn maze in my life in Pennslyvania in 2003. I went with DOB, Jeannie, Pat and Amy the Baltimorians and had a great time. It was very cold, but we were able to conquer the maze before being trapped in it overnight.

For any locals to the town with the best drinking water in the nation, Captured! By Robots will be here Saturday night. This band/experience blows me away everytime I see them/it. I especially like the opening band: "The Teddy Bear Orchestra."

ok. that's it.


Josh said...

"but we were able to concur the maze before being trapped in it overnight."

So you guys all agreed that it is, indeed, a maze?

JK said...

you son of a bitch.

I concur that I will conquer you!