Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Called out

I have been called out for my blog laziness as of late. I'm starting to feel all the pressure of everyone judging me on my blogging skills.

Actually I have just been real busy. Work is picking up in a major way, even though we took time out to go to a Japanese steak house for lunch today. It was delicious and entertaining, although our chef was definitely not Japanese.

Last Sunday I was going to make an entry because I found this ridiculous, but tempting ad in the newspaper. It was for a farting teddy bear. At first I am like, that is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. What kind of people buy crap like that from the newspaper. Then I though about how funny it would be to buy that for someone and see what kind of reaction I would get. That is when it all clicked. It is a stupid product, but I thought about buying it. I stopped myself but the average American is not as smart as me and they bought it. Thus the creator of the farting teddy bear is rich and I am not. If I get around to it I will scan the ad and post it. It is priceless. Well actually it is like $20, but the ad is priceless.

I laid down about 2/3 of my flooring last Saturday with the help of my all knowing father, Casey and Eugene. I worked from 9 am until 11:30 pm. I was hoping to get it all done, but after seeing how long it takes to get started I was happy to get where we got. Unfortunately that means I will have to rent the nail gun again and work my ass off for at least another day. I just want this project to be over. I want to sit in my living room again and play some wii or read a book or take a nap or play some guitar.

While working I went on the bagel diet again with some great results again. Started on Friday at 204 and by Saturday night I weighed 201.5. The secret again is eating 4 bagels in a day.

The other good news is that they finally totaled out my car. I am pretty happy with the amount I'm getting as well. I will get a check tomorrow and then I have to scramble to buy a new car before the weekend is out. Oh and last week there was some car excitement involving the towing of the car to the insurance company. I talked to the guy on Friday and he told me to clean out the car and take the plates off on Sunday because they would come to get the car on Monday. So I did. Then I got a call Monday from the tow company and they said they couldn't come till Tuesday. OK fine no big deal. Then I got a call on Tuesday from the tow truck driver at about 12:45 saying that he couldn't find the car. I gave him directions again, but he said he still couldn't find it. Then when I got home the car was not there. I know that no one stole it because it was all smashed up and not mobile. Evidently one of my a-hole neighbors called the city and had them tow it. It got towed at 11:30. Yes 1 hour and 15 minutes before the insurance company came to pick it up. The next morning I had to drive to the impound lot and show them that it was my car so that the insurance company could get it and pay the fee. So it all ended OK but it was a pain in the ass. I hate cars, but I'll soon be the owner of a new one. I hate cars.

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Greg said...

I hate cars too. I like bikes.