Friday, December 7, 2007

Bacon and Trees

I'm not sure why exactly, but they put up this Christmas tree in Madrid that is all Pac Man. Who is going to get me one? I would also accept a plane ticket to Spain.
I have a busy weekend coming. Tomorrow the gang and I are driving to Sikeston, MO for lunch at Lambert's House of Throwed Rolls. It is a long drive for some great food, but it is going to be great. I pretty much go there every time I am on Hwy 55. That does not happen often now that I am not a travelling man. The only bad part about driving 2 hours to get to Sikeston is the ride back after we are stuffed with food. Hopefully I don't have to drive.
We have the big Barbershop Chorus Christmas concert to go to at night (starring my very own father), then we are taping some Ultimate Fighting to watch later. Oh yeah, Sunday I'm going to support my friend Megan's crafting career at the rock and roll craft show. I went to one a few years ago and it was pretty cool. Unfortunately I probably can't buy anything because I don't have any actual money, just credit cards.
I'm hoping that my Lambert's and Craft show sponsorship checks start coming in soon.
Just an observation from watching too many movies on cable: Zombie Honeymoon is not as great as it sounds.

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