Thursday, December 20, 2007


Someone seems to think that something interesting has happened to me in the past week. I'm thinking that might be debatable.

I did think of a dream date, Picture this:

Special Lady/Man Friend walk into your house.
It's a warm 89 degrees to encourage clothes coming off.
You have a 4 pack of Bartles & James Wine Coolers chilling in a Silver Ice Bucket. (Substitute Seagram's if you must).
You have a bowl of freshly popped pop corn waiting on the bearskin rug (For a sensual touch add gravy to the popcorn. Gravy is nature's aphrodisiac.).
You look up to the flat screen plasma and you see the menu screen for "The Little Mermaid" Director's cut.
Hit Play and watch the evening come to you.

I think that's all I got. I'm busy at work and I sleep when I get home.


Greg said...

I think this would even be fun when you are by yourself.

kw said...

Your forgot to add Journey's greatest hits to really set the stage. Prior to (and after) the movie of course.