Friday, January 25, 2008

Captain Bring Down

Lately everyone is dying. What the Fudge?

You got Heath Ledger who died on Tuesday. For some reason I was kind of affected by that news. I think it is more that it was one of those headlines I hadn't expected to see. I was hoping that I misread and it said Dustin Diamond, but no such luck. He was about my age and seemed like a respectable dude.

I have been reading "The Road" which is a great book so far. I can't seem to put it down. It is very much of a downer. Almost everyone in it is dead and gone.

Then yesterday Casey found out that a girl she went to high school with was murdered this week. She had some old loser boyfriend (43) that shot her when she broke up with him. She worked at some place for troubled youths or something like that. Casey has not talked to her lately, but she said she was a great person. She went up to Omaha to go to her funeral.

You know what is funny: People walking straight into glass doors and spilling coffee all over themselves.

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aimless said...

I like that you ended this with a funny line. It almost made the rest seem ok.