Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's the weatherman

This has been one of the crazier weather days I can think of. I woke up today and it was around 55 or so. At lunchtime I took the dogs for a walk and it was around 65. Now it is 4 pm and it is 28 and snowing. Holy shit!

So if you have not seen it you have to see "Tim and Eric's awesome show great job." It is on cartoon network and it is probably on the internets too. It is insane but very funny.

I think I ate too much pizza at lemmons again last night. Now when I fart it smells like lemmons pizza. Well it smells like lemmons pizza with shit as a topping. Why can't I eat well.

I started my training to run a half marathon in April. Who's with me?

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