Friday, January 4, 2008


I just realized that every time I walk around in my office I whistle or hum the Legend Of Zelda song that plays while Link is walking around. I think it has something to do with the fact that my office is like a labyrinth of cubicles and walls. I think I might be slightly retarded.

So many things have happened since the last time I had a meaningful post I don't know where to start.


It was good, but non eventful. Do you remember that time that I told you that I wished that I could drive to Fenton for 5 consecutive days? Well I accomplished that goal around Christmas. We started it off with a night of 2 parties. Festivus party at Joe's which was a great time. We played a drinking game called golf and everyone got out of control. Then we went to a low key affair in Fenton once it started snowing. The next few days we went to my parent's house twice and my aunt and uncle's house once (all in Fenton).

Christmas was probably the best day of the bunch with a surprise call from Dr. Widitz. We met up with Dr. Dave, Ingrid, Dr. Greg, Kathy and Kevin at the Moolah. I love the moolah, by the way, even though everyone there is too hip for me. We had some G&Ts and played some parlor games. I had the grand idea of calling Dan O and his lovely bride who had just flew in to St. Louis (and boy were their arms tired?). After pulling them away from their family they showed up and we started our fruitless journey to find food at 1 in the morning. Well there was some fruit found at the gas station. The best pick was Dan's "The Bomb" burrito which probably caused Jeannie to have a wonderful night's sleep.

So overall this Christmas night was way better than last year's when Wicket was upset with us for bringing home Peanut and Peed all over our bed. Then we had to rent a steam cleaner and clean it all day. Hooray!

New Years:

It was a pretty good time at Ashley's. I'm tired of typing.

Iowa Caucus:

Obama won for the democrats which is pretty cool. Huckabee won for the Republicans which I have mixed feelings about because I disagree with just about everything he stands for, but he does hate fat people. He is a recovering fat person.

This weekend I want to read The Road by Cormac McCarthy, play Mario Galaxy and go see some Roller Derby.


bonechilling said...

You are Legend.. of Zelda.

aimless said...

Why do you have "Peed" starting with a capital letter in the middle of a sentence?