Sunday, January 13, 2008

Peanut Shore

So I watched Jury Duty this weekend starring Pauly Shore. (I have had nightmares in the past of typing a sentence like that) Pauly's character in the movie has a little dog and it is named Peanut. I immediately felt like I let my dog and my family down. Not that Pauly Shore hasn't done some fine work like Son in Law and Encino Man (actually those are pretty bad too, but not on the level of bad of Bio Dome and Jury Duty) but it made me wonder if I subconsciously knew that Pauly Shore had a dog named Peanut in his movie and that is why I wanted to name my dog Peanut. Let's hope that is not the case. If it is the case I wish my subconscious would kill itself.

I haven't felt like posting in a while and I apologize. I am very lazy.

Casey and I met Matt Hughes the Ultimate Fighter on Friday night. He was on a book signing tour at the Barnes and Noble in Fenton. One of our friends who is currently in Korea is a big fan of his so we thought we would get his autograph for him. He was a very nice guy and we shook his hand and got some autographs. Unfortunately they sped us through pretty quick and the books only got signed with a name and not any funny stuff. He asked Casey if her nose ring hurt and said that the only way he would let his wife get her nose pierced is if he got to do the piercing. So I put him in an armbar until he begged me to stop. OK I didn't do that, but I thought of some funny things for him to sign on the book if they would have let me. Here are some examples:

Jeff, Sorry about the Armbar XOXO Matt Hughes

Jeff, I hope you enjoyed the Blow J Yours in Christ, Matt Hughes

I had some of my homeboys over to watch football last night. It was fun, but once the Patriots were winning for good we got a little tired of watching that. We started watching Save The Last Dance on cable. Then it seemed like everyone we knew started calling us and we had to tell them that 4 dudes were sitting around on a Saturday Night watching a girlie movie about dancing.


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The HerdCarliers said...

You didn't let your family down. Choosing a name is really hard and there is always someone else who has it that you discover afterwards.