Friday, February 22, 2008

Deadbeat Blogger

OK so I let too much time elapse since my last post. I am going to give a rundown of all of the funny and fantastic things that have happened to me over the past 2 weeks.

1. I strangled a hobo. (that was a mistake, I accidentally posted the #1 on my to do list)

2. Last Friday we had some friends in town so we went to the Flamingo Bowl on Washington street. It is a pretty cool place, but the best part is that our friend Dustin gets us free beer. We had a celebrity sighting that night. It was none other than Jonesy and Garcia from TV's Reno 911. It was strange because I just looked up and there they were. We didn't bother them, because lots of people were already doing that, but I thought it was pretty cool. We still can't figure out why they were in St. Louis.

3. Ashley got the game "Rock Band" for his PS3. Let me just say that it is totally fun. I was mostly the lead singer and I did pretty well on the songs I knew. I also would not ever like to hear the song "Mississippi Queen" again. We had to quit after 3 hours in a row after I lost my voice singing Iron Maiden.

4. Last Saturday night I ate a cheeseburger that was smashed into the shape of a hot dog at 7-11. It was surprisingly delicious. I highly recommend them. I'm thinking about starting the diet where I only eat foods shaped as hot dogs that are not actually hot dogs. Any thoughts?

5. For Valentine's day Casey and I had a nice time, even though she wanted to go to Red Lobster. She thought it would be funny to go, and it was in its own special way, but the food is really not that great. That night we watched Little Shop of Horrors before getting down to business. I forget how much I like that movie/musical. It is really funny and has some great songs. We used to have a dubbed copy on VHS growing up.

6. I think I am obsessed with this fighter named Kimbo Slice. He is just scary and there are tons of videos of him beating people up on the Internet.

7. You should look for videos of Dr. Steve Brule on youtube.

8. I have next week off and I only have friends in cold places. Well my brother lives in California, but I don't have money to fly. This means that I have to find something to do with myself.

9. We just got Guitar Hero III for the Wii. I will play it a lot.

10. Happy Birthday to Christmas, Kevin and Dr. Widitz

11. I think that I am invincible. I don't wear coats and I don't get sick. I've never broken a bone and I can bench press 800 pounds. All that is true except for one thing. Who can guess what it is? I'm not funny. bye.

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Jessica said...

i'm sorry the party was so non fantastic and funny that it didn't even make your list. where have you guys been? see you tonight?