Monday, February 4, 2008

Great Weekend!

Wooooooooooooooooooo. I had a fun weekend and I didn't even see any boobies at Mardi Gras. That is because I didn't go. I did drink a lot though.

So we had the snowstorm which was kind of nice because I got to work from home on Thursday and Friday. I threw snowballs at the doggies a lot and they enjoyed that.

I dug myself out of the snow on Friday night so I could go to a Happy Hour for the end of the W-2 season at work. I intended on making an appearance and taking off early (my usual trademark), but I was there for about 8.5 hours. That is quite a happy hour. It was a good time though because I haven't really gotten to hang out with my co-workers outside of work yet. They are all pretty fun and semi partay animals. I was even out on the dance floor shaking it. I think everyone was impressed. They probably were not impressed, but people are just surprised that I have rythm. I guess I am akward looking?

The cover band was terrible. Well I guess they were good musicians, but they were a cover band called "Griffin and the Gargoyles." One of my bosses called me a music snob because I hate Seven Mary Three who sings that god awful song "Cumbersome." I think that having to explain why you hate Seven Mary Three is similar to having to explain why you hate getting kicked in the balls. So that was a way better time than I expected.

Saturday I spent trying to recover from my long night of drinking. Which is why I didn't go to Mardi Gras along with the fact that is was still snowy and slushy. Then I picked up my special lady from the airport and we went to watch some UFC fights. I won't bore you with the details, but all of the fights were great. There were lots of submissions and a knockout or two. All matches were very exciting. I drank 2 dollar Mickey's hand grenades. After the fight we went to Ashley's house to say hello to everyone. The sHadow bought this amazing jacket from burlington coat factory. It was neon yellow with different color neon dinosaurs on it. The inside lining of the hood was pink silk with gold dollar signs. It had a zipper that started at the hood and zipped all the way down the back so that I guess you could get other jackets and wear half of one and half of the other. It was truly amazing.

Sunday I ran 5 miles in the slushy snow. I was proud of myself for keeping on track with my half marathon training for a full week already. That is the second furthest I have ever run. I ran a 10K back in 2004. Then we had a super bowl get together at our house. It was pretty laid back and fun. The puppy bowl on animal planet was also amazing as usual. I ate a bunch of junk and I paid for it later when I was on the super toilet bowl in the middle of the night. It was not pleasant, but I feel great now.

I have to decide what to do with my week of of work this month. So many options, so little money.

The spell checker appears to be broken so I apologize for any idiocy.

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Jessica said...

super bowl was fun. my team won trivial pursuit and that was surely the most major point of the day. and snacks with dips. dipping is fun.