Friday, February 8, 2008

I will soon be hit by a truck

I feel happy lately. I'm not sure I can get used to this, but I seem to enjoy things now. I think I can owe it all to leaving a job I grew to hate. I still have shitty things to think about, but who doesn't. Like my grandpa is not doing very hot and he is getting moved to a Veteran's home. I should visit him more, but it is so uncomfortable. He does not really want to be around anymore and this makes it hard to hang out and make small talk. I also have some debt that I think about too often, but that happens.

I voted in the primary on Tuesday and voted for the winner of Missouri. I have had quite a string of losers lately, not that it matters that much, but it is nice to win.

Don't go to Kirkwood. It is dangerous.

I worked from home yesterday and not too much was going on. The issues that came up I had an answer for which is always nice. Casey and Ashley and I went to Adriana's for lunch. It is this place on the hill that has awesome sandwiches. I had beef on cheese garlic bread. drool
After work I went for a run with Josh. Then we started off for the Tony birthday extravaganza. We went to this place called Incredible Pizza Company. It was very strange, but good overall. It is sort of like a giant Chuck E. Cheese but with other things too. They have a pizza buffet and video games, skee-ball, DDR, mini golf, bumper cars, go carts, etc.... We played one of those tests of strength where you hit a plunger with a mallet and I got the high score. Who's jealous? I think it was called Tower of Power or something like that. We gave Tony all the tickets and he won some junk, but it was fun earning the junk. Then we saw the "film" Strange Wilderness. By the way, don't see Strange Wilderness.

I got nothing for this weekend, but I need to plan what to do with my week off sometime in Feb.