Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dennis Haskins you Dirty Bastard

I would expect this type of activity from Jesse Spano, but never from you Mr. Belding.
I ran 9 miles yesterday and it actually wasn't that bad. I was dying a few weeks ago when I had to run 6 miles, but I think I've gotten into a groove. Less than 2 weeks till my half marathon.
Does it mean that I'm really lazy because I get down on myself for not having the drive to play video games often enough. Too lazy for a traditionally lazy activity? Very sad indeed.
Congrats to Casey for passing her Roller Derby skills test last night. She had the highest score of anyone taking the test last night. Woohoo. Now she is eligible to be drafted and start practicing with a team.
On the subject of Roller Derby, the Shadow and I went to the roller derby bout last Saturday. It was a pretty good match. You can tell that everyone is getting better the more they practice. Oh and a lot of them are hot and mean. The Shadow and I laughed a lot about some of the spectators because they looked like the rejects from The Rock of Love (Bret Michael's dating show). They are like 45 year old former Poison groupies that never changed hairstyles or clothing. Priceless.
I also went to a partay at my friend Julie's house after the match. It was good to see a bunch of people I have not seen in a while. Mostly Julie, Scott and Kevin W. We had some beers, looked at all of the upgrades that they made to their house, played Wii, played with Scott's lap top steel guitar and synthesizer that he built himself, and checked out all of the fish and birds at their house. I think that Kevin and Scott are people that I aspire to be like. They are super smart and know how to do everything electronically and computer related, yet they are super humble and don't even want to talk about all the stuff they can do. I can do push ups. Oh yeah and Julie is an architect so she's doing OK herself.
I watched a ton of movies this weekend. I would probably recommend all of them though some more than others. Here they are in order of ranking: The Lookout, Doomsday, Apocolypto and Idiocracy. I really liked the idea for Idiocracy, but the movie wasn't that great. Apocolypto was pretty good although I hate Mel Gibson.
Take it sleazy.


Jessica said...

thats exactly how i felt about idiocracy. a great concept.

The HerdCarliers said...

we want pics of the derby girl!

DOB said...

He's still the best actor on SBTB.