Monday, March 31, 2008

Mad, but not that Mad

So last week my knee started hurting from all of my running. It passed after a day so I thought I might still be ok for my half marathon in a week. Then I went for my 10 mile run yesterday and only made it 5 miles and then had to walk 2 miles to get home because the pain was too intense. That blows. I am still hoping for a miraculous turnaround, but I am not too optimistic. I think that I just weigh too much to run so much. I looked and I have run 123 miles in the past 9 1/2 weeks. That's pretty good. I have been in talks with movie studios to make a movie about my quest. The working title is 9 1/2 weeks. I want Mickey Rourke to play me and Kim Basinger to play the role of Casey.

I am still blown away by the fact that I have not left Missouri since September. I used to travel non stop and now I have been in one small area for so long. Looking at DOB's pictures from Alaska make me want to go there. It looked pretty amazing.

I'm not sure when I turned into such a wuss, maybe I have always been one, but I love looking at puppies. Don't tell anyone.

Really I just signed a million dollar sponsorship from Daily Puppy for emergencypudding. That is manly right?

Don't judge me.


Mustard said...

kneser, don't give up. may be something as simple as stretching & weight lifting. happened to me too. all is not lost. go see your doctor.

Jessica said...

sorry to hear about your knee. even more sorry that i didnt get to hear about it in person. at lemmons. last night...

thank you for putting up the daily puppy link. it made my morning.