Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don't talk to people, you will regret it

I put my lunch in the microwave today and as I was doing so I noticed that this lady was putting some popcorn in the other microwave. We are having "Cardinals" day or something at work so they actually had free popcorn downstairs. I told her before she started up her popcorn about the free popcorn. She told me that she didn't like that popcorn. So I jokingly called her a popcorn snob. She then proceeded to tell me all of the kinds of microwave popcorn that she liked over the years. Her favorites were Orville Redenbacher's Cheese and Caramel where you squeezed the caramel on top of the popcorn. Then she told me about her experiences at a baseball game last year. I usually regret talking to people I don't know. This case was no different. At least I didn't have to clean her poop out of a urinal:

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