Thursday, April 10, 2008

No Respect

Since no one seems to care that I poured my heart out with a huge Crime & Punishment like post a couple days ago, I added some spicy new elements to the blog. I put a picture of me eating Ice Cream which is usually a fan favorite and I put a couple of links up.

Today started off really good because in the car on the way to work I heard both Warren G's Regulate and Rump Shaker by Wrex n Effect. Then I got out and remembered that it was cold and rainy. I wanted to sit in my car all day and listen to 100.3 the Beat.

I am playing a lot of Bioshock on the XBOX 360. It is awesome. I would explain it, but you probably don't care.

It is getting down to crunch time for picking a roller derby name for Casey. I need some help. Here are some more I came up with yesterday:

Candy Stryper (like the Christian Metal Band)
Seizure Salad
Danzig with the Stars
Deaddy Ruxpin
Barb Rammstein
Quinoa Wa Pedal
Al Gorithm
Guiller Monalisa
Mrs Belvedere
Eye Robot
Peony Express
Hillary Shanks
Cymbal of my Affection

These are pretty much all terrible, but a lot of the ones I think of are already taken.
Maybe I'll try to make a poll.


Jessica said...

glenda danzig

Jessica said...

i do like deady ruxpin an awful lot though.

Casey said...

I don't think I can accept any of these. I like Glenda Danzig, but Gwen Danzig is already taken and its too close.

aimless said...

am I not good enough for you to put a link to my blog?

DOB said...

It must be Mrs. Belvedere.

Greg said...

I concur with Mrs. Belvedere.