Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not a Surprise

You know what is Fucked up but not surprising in any way?

There are giant factories in China mass producing "Free Tibet" Flags.

So if you really are behind a cause, you probably should just use your mouth and words instead of buying stuff to show what a great person you are. You might just end up supporting the thing you are against in the first place.

Oh well, you can't win.

I just booked our flights to Omaha for a wedding in May. Hooray for leaving the state of Missouri. It looks like my trip to Colorado won't happen in May like I wanted, but I'll get over it. I do have a free round trip ticket that I have to use before July so entice me to come to your city, as long as it is within the continental United States. The biggest cause of the cancelled trip is that Casey got another promotion at work. I swear that she is going to own that place one day. I hope that she will make more money than me one of these days so I can retire at 30 just like I always wanted.

I am a basketball lover even though all of my friends hate it. The NBA playoffs are pretty disappointing this year though. It is pretty sad when the most exciting game is one involving the Atlanta Hawks.

Try hugs and drugs.

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