Monday, April 28, 2008


So Casey and I went to the Coachella Music Festival in California in 2004. It was pretty great and we camped in Joshua Tree State Park and wandered around a lot. Coachella might have been on its way to not cool then, but now it is official because Paris Hilton was there this year. Its a shame that now it will be like everything else.

There is this song I heard on a commercial last week and I sing the beginning part in my head any time there is any quiet time. Let's do an experiment to see if it happens to you. It is like a poem set to music. I haven't actually listened to the whole song, so hopefully it doesn't turn into some underage sex Nazi propaganda video, but I'm too lazy to screen it for you. I am not endorsing its message I am just passing it along.

Congrats to Jamie who had her Canadian Weed Smoking baby on 420. His name is Oscar which is a name I can get behind.

We went to Grant's Farm on Saturday which was pretty fun. Casey got the Donkey to make a lot of noise at her. We didn't get to eat any kettle corn which pisses me off, but I'm semi over it.

I am at my lowest weight since 2002: 199 lbs

I got nothing else. I played BioShock for approximately 12 hours this weekend.

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Amy said...

I really don't think that guy has a Nazi propaganda...just a guess.