Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can the Boy Tell Time?

I wrote this on 5/13/2008, but it evidently never posted. It was saved as a draft. This will probably change your life.

I went to Milo's on the Hill to celebrate Joe's 30th birthday. He is old. It was a nice relaxing time. We mostly watched MXC on TV and made fun of all of the contestants. Then strange things started happening. I saw this guy Ryan that used to live in an apartment below mine in Kirksville. Then I saw this girl Libby Ann that used to go to Truman and date Dr. Widitz. She was the girl who never wore shoes. Literally. Well almost literally. She was wearing flip flops this night so she must have made some serious life changes. In school she was always barefoot (the only exception was she wore running shoes to run in the morning). That would suck in my opinion. I had mostly decided that I wouldn't talk to them because I always assume that people won't remember me. As Ryan was leaving though I said Hi and then saw 2 more people that went to Truman. This guy John and this girl Courtney that is either married or dating Ryan. Let's see. My history with John isn't much. He lived in the same dorm as me and when I was a computer science major wasting time in the computer lab in the middle of the night he was often there. He had a theory that if two objects are moving fast enough towards eachother they will stick upon impact. I'm sure this theory was true, but I was also sure that he wouldn't prove it by slamming a chair into the wall. He also once ate candy bars until he threw up.

I was watching The Royal Tennenbaums at Lemmons last night and realized that the line "Can the boy tell time?" was from there. That was the blog of mr. eric e. I'm quick. Anyway. I love that movie.

So I was so excited about seeing the Breeders last Saturday, but no one wanted to go with me so I slept all night instead. I also beat BioShock and saved all of the Little Sisters. I am a great human being.

There is a lot of other stuff I was going to write about, but what's the point.

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