Monday, May 5, 2008

Just the Kiss of the Hops!!

Things are kind of slow at work. Well today slow is probably an understatement, but I'll get over it. I'm pretty tired today cause I stayed up late this weekend. I'm a party animal. Watch out Spudz Mckenzie. In fact I am currently skateboarding with a lampshade on my head wearing neon jams and a body glove tank top.

I know everyone will be disappointed to hear that the Atlanta Hawks have been eliminated from the NBA playoffs. Therefore I pretty much don't care anymore. I have the Cardinals to enjoy for now.

I have a new policy on beer in bars. I will get a quality beer for the first 1 or 2 beers and will buy whatever is the very cheapest from then on. After a few you don't really care what you're drinking anyway so why not save some money. I had a $1.50 Pabst and a $1.50 can of Schlitz this Saturday with my new policy. Much cheaper that the Hefeweizens I had on Friday night.

So the weekend was good. It was the Ashley birthday extravaganza weekend. We had some Everest cafe for dinner Friday. It was very tasty and I haven't been to that part of town much lately and it is looking damn good. Maybe someday when I decide I like people I will go there again. Then we met up at Mangia for some late nite drinks. Saturday we tried out a new pizza place by my house called Odesto. I thought it was damn good. Ashley got to get anchovies as a topping which made his day. I did not have anchovies and that made my day. If I ever get the urge to eat anchovies I usually just clean out the shower drain and get some hair and add a bunch of salt. It really does the trick. Then we watched baseball which was a disappointment, but the only one of the weekend for the mighty Cardinals. Then we went to CBGBs and Mangia for drinks Saturday night. Most of the time I would be ready for bed at 2:00 am, but this night I decided to play Bioshock until 4:30 am. It was well worth it, but I am feeling the lack of sleep now. Sunday I did yard work and wore a tank top (sorry not pictured).

At the bars on Friday and Saturday we saw this guy that looked exactly like a Mii character that Casey made on our Wii. The character was named Creepazoid and this fit the guy well. He always had a really disturbed unhappy look on his face and he walked around the bars not talking to anyone. We were kind of making fun of him, but he almost proved us wrong. These drunk girls were screaming and falling all over each other and he made a terrible face at them. This must have started a great conversation, because it appeared that he got their digits. We thought he was ready to score, but then they stopped talking to him and left with some other dudes. So close creepazoid. You almost had a hot threesome with 2 nasty drunk girls.

I'm bored of typing.

My friend Jen has dedicated a blog to critiquing the fashion sense of Ice-T and his lovely wife Coco. It is in my links under: Fashion!!!! It's pretty funny.

Should I go to Lemmons tonight or go to sleep? That is the question. Adios.

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