Thursday, May 22, 2008

Real life Rapture from Bioshock

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post. Time flies especially when you go to a different state for once (thank you very much).

I just saw this article that these Libertarians are planning to build their own ocean community so they can live by their own rules and not have to pay taxes and such. The first thing I thought of was Rapture, the fictional city in the game BioShock that I have been playing. They even mention BioShock in the article. Those nutty Libertarians:

I have been living the swinging bachelor lifestyle for a few days now since Casey is in Chicago for training. It has been so great to have such freedom, because Casey is always telling me what to do. Oh wait she never tells me what to do and gives me all the freedom in the world. Dang, I guess I've just been living a normal life this week. It's just been more boring because at least Casey talks to me sometimes which is more that I can say for my dogs who just look at me funny. What have I done with all my freedom. Let's see. I've watched a lot of baseball. I went to Lemmon's on Monday. I slept a lot. I did some laundry. I have found 2 birds in my yard. 1 dead and one alive. The one that was alive wasn't very alive after I had to pry it out of Peanut's mouth. I played synthesizer and scared Wicket. I tried to clean my gutters, but gave up because they were filled with like an inch of nasty shit. I think it used to be leaves and other things that float in the air, but now it smells worse than anything I can think of. I also tried to reinforce my temporary fence that we put up to try to grow grass. I was feeling pretty good about it until Peanut got through it again this morning. She is pretty amazing in her ingenuity. Although when I yell at her she can't seem to get back to the side of the yard she is supposed to be on. Maybe I've reinforced it the opposite way I should have.

Omaha wedding trip was a good time. There seemed to be a lot of unnecessary drama that I was not involved in, but was usually around due to the fact that we had no car to escape from such situations. Thanks to Jessica for letting us stay at your place and being our shuttle bus. It was also good to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while. Those Nebraskans sure can drink all the time. We also got to see Aaron (the Blondie) which was great. He seems to be doing well. I'm glad he is king of the skinny indie kids in Omaha. Aaron recently rescued some tiny abandoned kittens. They are super cute and have great names: Captain Video and Mrs. Movies. Their litter box is one half of a Clue the board game box. Priceless.

Happy Birthday Casey on last Saturday. I feel bad because the wedding we went to was on her birthday so she sorta didn't have much of a birthday. If you look at it another way she did attend a giant party on her birthday. There just happened to be a wedding reception there.

Look at this:

I'll leave you with something impressive. When I left for Omaha on Thursday I weighed 197. When I next weighed myself on Tuesday I weighed 202.5. Today I weight 197. I am a human roller coaster. Who wants a ride on the chunky fatcoaster of doom? I thought you did.

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