Saturday, June 28, 2008

Calories Per Dollar Research

I went to the store to get some milk this morning and decided to do some research. I had Dan who thought Crisco might be the winner and Greg who went with Corn Syrup. While both were great guesses they were not the winners. There might be differences from store to store because there were some sales going on. I think that the corn syrup didn't pan out because you only need to use a small amount of it to sweeten things. So it is very cheap but not as high as the others. Here are the results:

7. Corn Syrup 1045.22 Calories per dollar
6. Chocolate Chips 1472.00 Calories per dollar
5. Ramen Noodles 2000.00 Calories per dollar
4. Pancake Syrup 2135.59 Calories per dollar
3. Crisco 2917.05 Calories per dollar
2. Vegetable Oil 3237.09 Calories per dollar
1. Sugar 4068.86 Calories per dollar

So I didn't check everything, but I think this is a good study for our purposes. I will send anyone 7 dollars who will make me a delicious meal out of these 7 items.

I'm sweaty because I just got back from a good old fashioned dog walk. Casey is back to working some weekends now that her store is opened so I'll have to amuse myself today. No ideas coming to mind.


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