Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cof Fee

I think that I have discovered that I need more caffeine in my life. On Saturday I didn't have any and I just sat around all day. Sunday I drank an energy drink and I got a lot accomplished. I did the same yesterday and I was able to feel good and energetic enough to stay at Lemmons for a while and play some Rock Band after that. Today I decided to drink my first cup of coffee ever. I mixed it with some creamer, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. I don't know if I could ever drink it black, but not bad so far. The bad thing is that the creamer I used is like 30 calories per serving. That seems like kind of a lot.

I guess I'll stop talking about calories now because Casey says I'm boring and always talk about the same stuff. Booooo Casey. Ok I'll take that back because Casey is sick and I should be nice even though she is mean and punches me in the hands.

This post = Worthless

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Jessica said...

i could never drink coffee black either. cream and 2 splendas.