Monday, July 21, 2008


This has probably been said way too many times, but I'll say it again anyway:

Jesus, God, Allah, Zeus, Koko B-Ware (sp?)(see above) and all other deities do not care who wins awards on televised award shows.

I was pumping iron today and the ESPY awards were on TV. This guy who made a great catch in the superbowl talked about how he never could have done this without JC pulling for him. The award was the ESPY for best Play of the year. Athletes are smart.

I saw Batman again on Sunday and it was still good. I ate a delicious bacon cheeseburger and fries on Friday night at The Pitted Olive. It was like $11 for the burger but damn if it wasn't one of the best burgers and garlic fries I've had. I would like to thank Jebus for allowing me to eat a delicious cheeseburger and not dying from obesity (yet).

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