Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi. I am going to put some videos up on this here blog. It is not very creative, especially because I saw 2 of the videos on another blog, but give me a break.

This video makes me so happy I can't hardly speak. If you don't have much patience you should watch a little at the beginning and skip to about 2:30 to watch that part. It combines my love of robots, music and my employment history at Chuck E. Cheese's. For the record I think I prefer the Showbiz characters to the Chuck E characters I had to dress up as.

Here is this trailer for a documentary about the guy who made the previous video happen. Did it say that this guy was 30? He looks like he is 45. I must really have a baby face since I'm almost 30, but don't tell anyone.

I'm going to follow this up with some video from the Teddy Bear Orchestra. They are one of the best animatronic bands I've seen live. They were created by the genius behind Captured! By Robots. Enjoy. If you like this you should also search for their song about Steven Colbert.

Ok. I'm going to Iowa City tomorrow. Who's going with me?

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aimless said...

I think now when Daily Puppy doesn't make me feel better when I'm mad, I'm going to queue up the Usher/Shobiz video. That is one of the coolest things ever!