Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Fattest Loser

So at work some people are having a weight loss contest that goes from 9/29 to 12/22. It is $20 to enter and the winner takes all. I think I will join and because:

a. I need motivation to get in better shape
2. I need money
III. I am very old and it will keep getting harder to lose weight
four. My current regimen of eating nachos and playing Guitar Hero Aerosmith is having less that spectacular results.
iiiii. It means I can try to fatten myself up all week before the first weigh in on 9/29

Can you believe it is hump day already?

I know I'm going to seem lame, and I meant to read this book a long time ago, and I look like a poser who does things only when people are in the news, but I started Infinite Jest today during lunch. So far I am glad I started. Based on what I have heard my friends say recently about it, how could I delay any further. It is a big god damned book though.


DOB said...

This is my word of warning for those about to read Infinite Jest: it could very well suck for the first 600 pages or so. But if you make it past the first 600 pages, you will probably make it to the end, and if you make it to the end, it will probably change the way you think about what a book can do.

Bon voyage.

Can the boy tell time? said...

Agreed, but I think the first 200 pages are the most difficult, after that, you just have to realize it isn't going to make more sense, accept it and keep going. Not only does it get better, it gets more and more amazing and challenging. Dan is right, at 600 you are totally in the swing of the book and nothing will phase you at that point.

But the first part won't make a damn bit of sense. There are many characters introduced very early on and at many, many time periods happening, seemingly all at once.

I can't imagine any form of entertainment that has had the kind of impact on my own life that this has which is strange, but it will, like Dan says change the way you think about what a book can do.