Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is the Internet Dead

There has been a serious lack of blogging going on from people other than me for once. Let's get it together people.

I spent the weekend eating, watching movies/TV, eating, fighting diabetes and eating. I am pretty satisfied with my weekend eating although it was hard to keep going at times. I think I put on about 6 lbs this weekend for the weight loss contest weigh in on Monday. Please see footnotes for weekend food consumption. The good news is I already lost 7.5 lbs from yesterday. I think I might have the world's largest bladder because I peed out 2 lbs immediately after the weigh in and lost probably another couple pounds of liquid. Unfortunately now I have to start losing real weight. Let's do it. woooo.

I saw Burn After Reading. I liked it. You can't argue much with a movie you walk out of laughing and asking what the hell was that that just happened. I also watched 4 episodes of True Blood and finished the 1st season of Mad Men. I am pretty into both of these and recommend them highly.

I took the puppies to Forest Park on Sunday for the JDRF diabetes walk (3 miles). They were relatively well behaved and had a good time. Wicket slowed down a little bit because she absorbs all heat, but she was good after a water break. I know I shouldn't have been doing any exercise prior to my weigh in, but I made an executive decision and I'm sticking with it.

I'm not through as much of Infinite Jest as I would like (page 60), but I'm hoping to get a lot of reading done this week.

Here is a picture of myself in Hollywood ( I need to re size this):

Happy Birthday to Joe Fuemmeler and Ms. Russo.

*Weekend Food Consumption: Pizza Hut, popcorn, Milk Duds, 4 20oz Mountain Dews, 7-8 doughnuts, burger & fries from The Pitted Olive, QT breakfast sandwich, Starbucks Frappucino, 2 Liter Dr Pepper, Half a cheeseburger pizza from St. Louis Pizza & Wings, 10 toasted ravioli, 1 order of garlic cheese bread, 2 20oz Mr. Pibbs, 1 Pint Ice Cream, 2 hot dogs & bag of chips, 1 can Coke. That's all I can remember, but it was quite a whirlwind.

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