Friday, October 17, 2008

Apples and Shaman

I don't know if you have eaten Honey Crisp apples before, but you had better start. They usually cost more than regular apples (although I just got a bag of them for $4) but they make all other apples seem like they were grown inside an elephant's ass. They are seriously great. It is unfortunate that they are only available for a short time each year, but fuck damn they are good.

I am stalling out in my weight loss contest. I am not gaining, but I have not lost anything in the past week or so. I really need to get motivated to win this thing.

When a big bunch of us were in California in 2006 for Johnnie boy's wedding we went on a long hike one day. It was a great day and the forest was beautiful and there was a waterfall at the midpoint of the hike. After we had finished swimming a little this guy walked up and started talking to us. He was very tan probably in his 40s with a bunch of tattoos. It was very surreal. He said that he was a Shaman and he proceeded to tell us a bunch of stories about how he could heal people by lighting a fire for them. Eventually he asked us when we were going to leave because he intended on bathing in the water when we left. We thought that was a great time to make our exit. After we had made it a little further we all talked about how we were 95% sure that he was going to kill us. It was a weird experience, but a great day.

Sorry to hear about your pappy DOB, but I'm sure he'll be fine. I am not a religious man, but I'll try to find the Shaman to light a fire for him just in case.

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DOB said...

Yeah, I was pretty sure that guy was gonna kill us. Or get us blindingly, life-changingly high.

I think my dad, in his staunch Catholicism, would probably refuse to do business with any sort of shaman, but I appreciate the offer.