Monday, November 3, 2008

Boar-ed (that spelling makes saying you're bored more exciting)

Does anyone want me to talk about how bored I am? I will spare you that, but I am bored. Just in general.

I partially blame my weight loss contest. I have been working out for 2 hours a day on weekdays, and slacking a little bit on the weekends. This makes me feel like all I do is workout and then come home to an empty house because Casey is either working or doing something roller derby related. I do feel pretty good though as a result of my fanatical exercise regime. I have even been exercising in the morning the last few days. Who would have thunk?

The Halloween weekend was pretty fun though not super eventful. We didn't feel like handing out candy so we went to eat some Ethiopian food with the Shadow and BG. It was delicious as usual. We were the only ones there. I hope that a lot of these small local places aren't forced to close because everyone is scared about money. Hopefully it was just empty because it was Halloween. We went home and handed out a little candy and tried to find scary stuff on TV. I wanted to see the new Kevin Smith movie, but I couldn't rally the troops enough so I gave up.

Saturday was such a beautiful day. I went for a dog walk early in the morning. Then I convinced Casey to go to Kaldi's with me to drink coffee and read while sitting outside. I love coffee now. I feel like I should have tried to like coffee harder back in the day, because I feel my life would have been better. I think I had 3-4 cups of coffee and some delicious food. I made a little bigger dent in Infinite Jest. Being in that neighborhood really has a lot of great memories too. We used to do laundry down the street and hang out at Kaldi's. Casey used to even work there right when she moved to St. Louie. I kind of want to live in that neighborhood, but there might be too many old white people for my liking. I guess we will make that determination if we ever decide to move again.

We attended a party on Saturday night and I dressed as a typical American tourist. I wore a Hawaiian shirt, plaid shorts, striped socks, camera bag, baseball hat. It was pretty much how I dress except that I don't usually wear Hawaiian shirts. So I didn't win any costume contests. Casey went as the Black Dahlia, but didn't actually cut herself in half. It was a pretty good time. Casey got hammered and was in fine form as usual. We have some great photos from the Jack in The box drive thru.

Yesterday was the Roller Derby awards banquet. It was a fun time, but I left early so Casey could have a better time hanging out with her roller homeys.

I feel like I should have something funny to say, but I am at a loss. Check out my igrobot that Julie and Scott gave me for by Bday:

I grew it myself. It has actually grown a lot more since this was taken last week.


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