Friday, December 19, 2008

190 can you believe it?

So today I hit 190 lbs. I think that this is the least I've weighed since 2002. If I stay on my game today, maybe I can hit the 180s by tomorrow. Final weigh in on Monday. Wooooooo.

I do feel good and am happy about my looks when I eat well and exercise, but it is kind of boring. I haven't been out to eat in a while or seen my friends for that matter. Maybe my life revolves around food too much. Food is so good though.

I read Superman: Red Son last night. It was pretty interesting and the art was cool. It was a story about if Superman would have landed in Communist Russia instead of the US. I especially liked that Batman wore a fuzzy KGB style hat in it. My quest for infinite jest has stalled. I hope to pick it back up after the busy season at work. Comic Books are all I can handle right now.
Here is a great joke that my brother told me on Thanksgiving:
Why did the Pilgrim's pants fall down?
Because he was wearing his belt on his hat.
I love it!!!!

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