Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So msn.com posted a top 10 lamest blogs list today. Unfortunately I didn't make it on the list. You can tell I have been trying hard by hardly ever posting and when I do I just re post a picture I saw somewhere else. I guess that is deemed to be awesome by msn.com as opposed to lame.

Thanksgiving was great. I think that it is probably my favorite holiday. I saw a lot of family and friends. I ate about 4 Thanksgiving meals which didn't help my weight loss, but surprisingly didn't hurt it too much either.

There was an Arrested Development marathon on TV on Thanksgiving. I recorded them and have watched them all. Then I borrowed season 3 from Sean and am almost done. Damn that was a good show. I accidentally typed "good sow" first. I don't know that I will ever get the opportunity to type "good sow" for real. So sad.

Work has picked up quite a bit lately which was to be expected. It sure does make the days go by fast.

Ok I'm busy. Bye.

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