Monday, December 15, 2008

Where have I been mang?

Jeepers Creepers I have been a bad blogger. Is it bad blogging ettiquite to talk about blogging in your web log? I'll check on that.

So I did something last week that I'm not sure is sanitary. What do you think:

So the Mrs and I brushed our teeth right after I took a shower. I needed to shave. The bathroom sink drains very slowly and sometimes is half full of water. At this point in time it was half full of cold water/spit/toothpaste. I decided to just run some extra hot water and shave using the cold water/hot water/spit/toothpaste/shaving cream mixture.

I am calling everyone out to eat/drink at your local/mom & pop establishments. I'm worried that with the shitty economy that people will stop going to great local places. They might not be able to make it. The Pitted Olive, which is the restaurant I raved about how great their food was, has now been closed because they didn't think they could stay open with their declining sales. I always tried to support my community anyway, but now it is as important as ever.

I found out that a dude I used to know died recently. He was Ruthann's boyfriend a few years back. He was always a nice guy to me and even since their breakup I would see him every so often. I am pretty sure that he was under 40 and had a heart attack. He did live life hard so maybe it caught up to him, or maybe it was just one of those things. I guess you have to get used to people dying. I still find it kind of surreal. I didn't really have to deal with death all that much for most of my life. On that note. My mom used to work at a poison center and she knows a bunch of easy ways to kill yourself. Most of the ways were with regular household items and worked by affecting your body's ph balance. Nutty.

I was flipping around on the tv last week and I came upon a movie called "Gacy" about John Wayne Gacy. I wouldn't have watched it at all except for the fact that John Wayne Gacy was played by the same actor who played Francis Buxton on "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure". Good for you and your father.

I have 1 week left until my final weigh in for the weight loss contest. I have been at about the same weight for weeks so I'm getting worried that someone will sneak up on me, but hopefully I can control myself this week and pull out a victory. The only hard part will be a party that I'm going to on Saturday. Hopefully I will be good and not blow it. We shall see.

If you haven't seen this yet then you should:

It might be gone by the time you look for it. If it is then just search for jizz in my pants snl on youtube. You might not want to watch at work, but I won't judge you.


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