Monday, January 5, 2009


I wish that I would have made a new year's resolution to do the following things:

-Play video games
-Watch movies
-Drink Beer

If I would have then I would be on track for the best year ever. I still might actually because I like to do all these things. We shall see.

Things that have happened lately:

-Won weight loss contest. Thank you very much. I have been mostly unregulated since the contest ended, but hopefully haven't gained more than a pound or two back.

-Went to festivus party. Was very fun. I drank all of the malt liquor in the house. It only consisted of 24 ounces of Olde English, but that is still pretty good. Thanks Joe & Emily for hanging with us while very preggers.

-Was abandoned by wife and little dog on xmas. They went to Nebraska. They came back though so all is well. Wicket and I sat at home and threw darts at pictures of both of them.

-Saw the family a lot which was nice. It is always nice to have Greg around. I think I drove to Fenton about 75 times.

-Went to Art Museum & saw Benji Buttons. Both were good.

-Saw a little bit of 2 quintessential pine tree brothers (Erobs and DOB). I also saw their significant peoples (J-dog, Brigid, Little Brigid, Little Eric, Cone Dog). It was good to see them all even if it was brief.

-Went to Lemmons where the movies have resumed. This makes me happy because I really haven't been able to get into the NFL this year. Maybe it is because the Rams are terrible. Who knows.

-Had a low key New Year's eve. The Mrs and I walked to Blockbuster and watched Baby Mama. We did make it past midnight though. We rule!!!!!

-Had a delicious brunch at our house on the 1st for the Ashley/Shadow/Ben/Sean household. We had potatoes, waffles w/whipped cream & strawberries, mimosas, bacon, eggs, toast, cinnamon rolls, coffee. That might have been all, but it was pretty great. All I made was the waffles and then Casey yelled at me because I would rather eat off of a dirty plate then clean one off for myself. She sure changed her tune when her face was pressed on on that hot waffle iron. I just want to see if anyone is still reading by this point.

-Karista came over for some beers and Iron Man viewing. I must admit that I really enjoy that movie. Maybe more that I should. I'm sorry.

-Hung out with Amy & Gene and got our Wiis synced up. Let the fun begin.

-Went to going away partay for Kevin. He will be missed, but I'm sure we will see him again. He will probably have a good time and see some cool stuff. This will add another leg to an east coast trip that will hopefully happen this year.

-Ate at Pi again with Anne & Karista and ran interference for Anne. Did I mention that I love Pi. Her sister gave her number to this neighbor from out of town and he sort of asked her out we guess. He was harmless, but mostly boring. He did wear a ring on his thumb for whatever that means.

-Played about 9 hours of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I kind of love it. I have also been playing World of Goo which is a must.

Work is sure to be insane for the next month so hopefully I'll come out of it alive.

2009 don't break my heart.

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Karista said...

totally didn't catch the thumb ring.