Friday, January 9, 2009

No Fleas

I don't have fleas, but I sort of wish that was the problem.

My itching made me so crazy the last few days that I wanted to die. I finally broke down and went to the doctor and they said: oh it is just eczema (severe dry skin). I already knew I had that, but it had never been nearly this bad. My arms, legs and ears were all fudged up. They gave me some steroids and told me to buy expensive lotion. Today the itching is a little better, but I tried to bench press 400lbs and was unsuccessful. Whoever said steroids makes you stronger is a liar. (Ok I know that joke was bad, but wouldn't you have been disappointed in me if I hadn't wrote it?)

I somehow convinced myself on Wednesday that my wii playing had made me itchy. I had been feeling a little better, but then it flared up when I was playing Twilight Princess. Thank goodness that I am not allergic to the video games.

Casey told me she bought me a present today. Hopefully it is a good one and not another bag of rotten vegetables. We'll see.......

Until we meet again.

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