Friday, January 23, 2009

Who likes Wrassling?

I just completed the two busiest weeks of the year at work. It wasn't bad, but it was certainly action packed. Next week will still be relatively busy, but I might be out of the deep woods.

What has been happening? I'm not sure. It is all a blur.

It was cold as fuck last week. I had to let my car warm up for like 10 minutes every time I went somewhere otherwise the brakes & power steering were frozen. I never wore a coat though. I rule.

My parents got a dog. His name is Ninja and he is a Japanese Chin (I think). He is very laid back and lovable. We'll see how he and my doggies interact. Hopefully not terribly.

Yesterday one of my very best friends, Joe, and his special lady had a new special lady baby. I went to see them today and everyone is doing well. She is cute and she doesn't do anything. Oh wait she did poop a lot while I was there. Congrats!!!

This weekend here are my goals:

1. Go watch the Wrassler at the Tivoli. ( I better reach this goal because I already bought tickets online).
2. Go see Tony play some musics at Cafe Ventana.
3. Give a Bolivian man an appendectomy.
4. Play Zelda (beat it maybe? I am on hour 25 or 26).
5. Go to Roller Derby Trivia night and win fabulous prizes.
6. Snort an anthill.
7. See my very special friend Jamie and her crew from Canadia.
8. Give myself props for spelling appendectomy right on the first try.

PETA is trying to get people to refer to fish as sea kittens so they won't want to eat them. Adult swim made the joke that all this talk made them hungry for land fish (actual kitties). hahaha


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aimless said...

I like fish stick kitties