Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As I was finishing my workout this afternoon I noticed that Tyson Chandler (NBA player that I saw in an outdoor mall while I was in California) got traded from the New Orleans Hornets to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Sucks for him on so many levels. Not to diss Oklahoma City too much because I have only been there once, but seriously. The team and city don't even compare to New Orleans. I guess he will wipe his tears with diamonds and million dollar bills.

This past weekend was possibly one of the least relaxing weekends I've had. In this case it was not really a bad thing. There were a lot of good folks in from out of town and in town for that matter. Right after work on Friday I found out that Logan was in town and Nana and Shaggy were coming soon(Meditation Mike has been around for a week or so straight outta Korea) and they came by to pick me up. Logan's new truck can be summarized as such: Fucking huge and powerful. It made SUVs look like Smart Cars. We hung out and ate dinner at Local Harvest. It was good although it took forever because our waitress forgot to put our order in for like an hour. It was no big deal once we got some delicious foods. Then we went to the City museum to meet up with Casey. They were having a roller derby kick off party. Check out the M-80s totally hardcore team picture:

You might not be able to tell because of the size, but Casey has her left elbow on the truck.

Anyway I have not been to City Museum in a little while so it was fun to climb around stuff again. It wasn't nearly as painful as I remember. I think this might be because I'm in better shape than the last time I was there. A good time was had by all. After that we hung out at Ashley's house. I think I went to bed at 4. ugg

Valentines day was on Saturday as you might have heard and I celebrated by becoming a huge star. Ok not really but this was the day of the Breeders video shoot. I was there for about 6-7 hours, but it actually wasn't that bad because at least there were people skating around to watch the whole time. The song was really good too even thought we heard it for 6-7 hours straight. I'd say Casey has a good shot of being in the actual video and I have a smaller chance, but possibly in the background a few times. Kelley Deal was there sitting in the fan section with us and helping out the director with her ideas and such. She was super nice. She signed some autographs and took a picture with us:

Please keep all of the Beard compliments to a minimum.

After the video we went to have a romantic dinner with a bunch of other Roller Derby peeps at Kickers. It is sort of a dive bar on Broadway, but they had surprisingly good food. They also had $2 burgers which tasted like burgers by grandma used to make.

Sunday was actually semi relaxing I guess. I went to the Soulard Pet Parade with tH and Meditation. We also miraculously met up with my sister and some of her folks. I say miraculously because there were a shit ton of dogs, people and 1 Bison. It was fun, but pretty crowded. I tried to meet up with my next door neighbors but was unsuccessful. I think we are star crossed neighbors because we always try to hang out and meet up but it never ends up happening. Anyway here are some photos (dogs are hard to photograph):

And there you have it.

I am happy that I did a lot this weekend, but wish I could consistently be social and active. It is good for you.

I just read this quote today and thought it was funny. It might have been originated by George Carlin: Having a ‘smoking section’ in a restaurant is like having a ‘peeing section’ in a pool.

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