Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dirt Dog

I was just reading something about guys who won't change their towels (get a clean towel after using one for a bit) until their partner does it for them. This made me think about my first few years in college (most likely all of my years in college). I would pretty much never change switch my towel or sheets. I'm sure they smelled terrible, but I must have not noticed or cared. I didn't even understand why a person would need to own more than 1 towel. Now I probably wash my towel weekly because I can't stand the smell. If I had to rely on Casey to do it, I would always have the same towel. This is not a complaint, but I think she would enjoy making fun of my smell rather than doing my laundry.

We are traveling to Dallas this weekend. Man -vs- Food has not been there yet. This is fortunate for my waistline but unfortunate for my mouth.

I am very antsy lately.

I get to bowl during work tomorrow.

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