Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tag Team Back Aagain

Here is the whirlwind version of our trip last week. I am too lazy to reformat everything so deal with it. I also want to mention that I have very impressive facial hair right now. I would say it is the colonel Sanders look with bushier sideburns.

So we began our 9 day journey on the last day of February with little sleep and a Hertz rental car. Pontiac now you're driving with excitement. (That was my attempt to drum up some sponsorship dollars). The first day was pretty damn good. I already posted some of our hilarious quips in a previous post, but there were many moments of funny stuff. No trip down 55 is complete without a stop at Lambert's home of throwed rolls. It was goooood. After that we drove a few more hours to Clarksdale, MS (in the snow).

The first 3 pictures are from Clarksdale, MS and the Shack up inn. It is an old plantation converted into a hotel and run by some hippie/jam band dudes. They were very nice, but not helpful when we wanted them to wake up before 7am to check out the next day. The room was nothing fancy, but nice enough. There was a cool mural in the bathroom that had blues stuff like Robert Johnson with devil horns. Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil in Clarksdale, MS. I saw where the crossroads might have been and tried to sell my soul for a donut, but it wasn't worth enough.

We went to the Delta blues museum in Clarksdale and it was very cool. There were exhibits on lots of old blues guys and gals from the area. They had a cabin that Muddy Waters lived in as a child in the museum. There was a bass guitar that was made out of a gas can. The rest of the town was pretty run down. Not in a terrible way, but in the way that told you its heyday was a long time ago.

If we weren't old and lame we would have checked out the blues club owned by Morgan Freeman, or another blues club behind that one. We decided to eat PB&J and go to sleep early in anticipation of a long drive the next day.

If I go back I want a shack (we stayed in the cotton gin inn which was cool, but a shack would be cooler).

This is long winded already, so I'll skip some. Day 2 we drove a lot. It was Icy at first then we started to break through to a little warmth. I had the best cup of coffee on the trip in a Waffle House in Richland, MS. The picture below was on the way in Pensacola, FL. There were a lot of cool houses on the beach and then there was this spaceship house. The neighbors probably think you're weird, but I love you.

We got into Destin, FL in the late afternoon on day 2. The beaches were beautiful. Things were also looking very touristy. We ate at this Irish place that was pretty dern good. We bought a bottle of wine and the guy gave us a free corkscrew, how bout that.

Day 3 had no extended driving. Hooray. We went to eat at the donut hole restaurant for breakfast. I don't want to scare anyone, but there were a ton of old people there. I thought that Florida would be safe from the elderly, but they slide their greasy liver spotted mitts in everywhere don't they. (This brings up a big disappointment I had with Florida. We had Key Lime pie there and at one other place and neither were as good as the Key lime pie at Fraizers here in St. Louie. Actually these were not better than the frozen pie at schnucks. What gives? Maybe you have to go all the way to Key west. I dunno.)

After the donut hole we drove along the scenic route looking at the beach and houses and stuff. Surprisingly these houses were out of our price range. I guess I still have to count my garage as my winter home until I earn some more cash.

We went to an outlet mall which was not terrible, but only because we were only there for about an hour. I got some jeans and Casey got some fancy flip flops. Then we walked on the beach for a long time. It was only about 60 degrees so we didn't swim, but if you know anything about me it is that I like long walks on the beach. We also went to a national park and did a nature walk. We started to realize that we did like Destin because it was beautiful and could be very non touristy if you got a group together and rented a condo and cooked for yourself. That is what our neighbors are doing next month. We went out on a pier at sunset and see picture below:

Day 4 had lots of Driving down to Jupiter, FL. I used Hotwire to get us a oceanfront hilton room for $89 a night. The beach/hotel/bed were awesome. It is bullshit that you get charged for internet access at fancy hotels though. We went swimming, ate at the hotel and relaxed. This brings up one of my favorite things about the south: You can get sweet potato fries almost anywhere. Damn I love sweet potato fries.

Day 5 it was a little rainy, but we still got up and walked around the beach in the morning. We also went to this sea turtle rescue place close by. It was very cool. It made you feel sorry for the turtles, but they were getting taken care of. We ate at this place called Nature's way Cafe. It was pretty good, but it kind of shows how people like to act like they are healthy and being "green" but really it is for show. The food itself was all relatively healthy and natural and they didn't have soda, but they served everything on styrofoam. We also went to the Henry Flagler house/museum. He was this super duper rich railroad tycoon with a fancy pants house. It was pretty cool. See below:

Oh we ate at this amazing place in Jupiter that night. You might have heard of it: Chili's.

Ok Day 6 was going to be Burt Reynolds and Baseball day, but the Burt Reynolds museum had the nerve to be closed. Here is the amazing painting hanging right outside of it though. Someday I hope to get a painting like this done of myself.


Here is Casey and I at the baseball game in Jupiter. It was great weather and you were very close to the action. It was the Cardinals -vs- The Dominican Republic team. There was this loudmouth Red Sox fan sitting next to us that I thought would be annoying, but he was actually very entertaining. He would yell stuff at everyone. The Cardinals won and the game went by really fast. I guess that is what happens when you don't have commercials in between innings.
I also ate Ice Cream from the future. Don't be jealous.

Day 7 we drove a good little bit and ended up in Savannah, GA. This was our favorite stop on the trip I would say. It is a cool historic town with awesome cemeteries, town squares and restaurants. It is known as the most haunted city in America. We didn't see any ghosties though. That is probably because they don't exist. I guess every town could claim America's most haunted city because all cities have Zero hauntings per year. I still like to pretend a little though. We ate lunch at this place that claims to be haunted by a bare knuckle boxer, went on a haunted trolley tour, got to go to this house that was on ghost hunters (Sorrell-weed house) and went swimming at our hotel. I used hotwire again in Savannah to get a hotel right on the river front. It was pretty nice and they had the softest toilet paper I have ever felt.

Day 8 we got up and went to Bonaventure cemetery which was huge and really cool. They shot some of the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" there. I have not seen it, but I guess I should now. This would be known as a day of massive eating. We went to lunch at the Pirate house. A cool place that is supposed to be haunted by pirates and they had a great southern food buffet. They we drove the 5 minutes to get to South Carolina. I put my foot out the car door and then we departed South Carolina.
We drove to Hotlanta, GA with the sole purpose of eating at The Vortex. It is a Bar & Grill that we saw on Man -vs-Food. The food was delicious I must say. The Double Bypass burger was great and not really that difficult to eat (1/2 lb burger, 6 strips of bacon, 4 slices of cheese, 2 fried eggs, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and 2 grilled cheese sandwiches in place of buns). Damn it was good. I also had tater tots and some of Casey's sweet potato fries.
Right before we ate this guy was having trouble starting his motorcycle. Another guy helped him start it up and then he was revving it up for a while. This couple and another guy pushing a stroller walked up behind the guy on his motorcycle. I guess they thought he was being too loud in front of the baby so the guy called the motorcycle guy an asshole. I'm guessing the motorcycle guy was drunk because he got off his bike (that now was dead again) and confronted the guy who called him an asshole. They were talking and stuff and then the motorcycle guy spit in the face of the baby's father out of nowhere and then got back on his bike and sped away. It was touching.

On that note we left Hotlanta, GA after driving around downtown for a while trying to get back onto the highway. We drove to Murfreesboro, TN to spend the night.
Day 9 we drove home. The only excitement was a giant downpour of rain in Illinois when I thought I was going to die. Oh we also stopped to get gas in Kuttawa, KY which is the town I stayed in for 3 weeks when I was still at my old job. It made me shiver and I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.
When we got home we noticed that Sean was nice enough to re-arrange all of our toys in sexual positions.
There's no place like home.


DOB said...

"Midnight in the Garden of Good n' Evil" sux. Although I heard the book is good.

Did you find that the double bypass burger affected your poop? E-mail me privately if you don't want to post that information...

Karista said...

Midnight in the Garden, etc. does suck. Do not bother, just look at your pictures again instead.

JK said...

I have read that even people in Savannah didn't like the movie and were kind of upset about it.

My bowels were feeling a bit distressed the day after the double bypass and the pirate restaurant buffet, but nothing out of the ordinary (Good color, consistency, velocity).