Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm sorry Jen, but I have bumped Iced Coco from my link list. It hasn't been updated since September so I guess we can stick a fork in it. Oh Coco. What will I do without new nasty red leather camel toe pictures on a semi regular basis? I think I could still find some if I liked, but I don't want to make Ice-T too jealous.

I am also adding links to Gin and Tacos ( and Normal Blog ( I don't know Ed from gin and tacos personally, but he is a cohort of Mike from Rortybomb. I have really been enjoying the discussion on Gin and Tacos as of late. I especially enjoy the rant about Burning Man on there today. Nick Normal from Normal Blog is one of the coolest guys around. He is living life to its fullest.

I probably should have given both of them a heads up about my endorsement because the new hits by all of the emergency pudding snack paks (as my fans call themselves) will probably crash their servers. I have confidence that their sites can handle 4 new visitors per week though.

My NCAA basketball predictions are doing pretty well. I am 13-3 after the first day. I love basketball and I really need to play more. When I say more I mean ever.

I took some Personality Tests the other day to see what I should be doing with my life. They results were the same as all the other times I have taken them. I was sometimes an ENFP and sometimes an INFP. Here were my career choices: Counselor, Teacher, Writer, Accountant, Librarian, Social Sciences Researcher and H/R Recruiter. What do you think? What could you picture me doing, or should I stick with Business dude? Just tell me. I have trouble making decisions.

I need a dog watcher next weekend when we go to Dallas. Who wants the honor?

Good Day.

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