Friday, April 10, 2009

Adventures in Facial Hair and P90X

The first picture is one I am not proud of, but it is funny nonetheless. I look like a fat man with a sweet sweet stache. Again I think it is just a bad angle and me not being used to seeing my bare face yet. Today I look great. Trust me. Speaking of how I look the 2nd picture is me right after shaving my moustache off but keeping the sideburns. Ok I wish that was me, but it is really Atilla from Lionheart. I actually have a black tank top and I want to re-create this picture. We'll see if I can get it set up.
So Columbia was pretty fun even though it was a very brief trip. Casey's team won and everyone played well. Ben and I got some tasty burgers at Flat Branch prior to the bout. I did get pissed off at Saint Louis because I saw at least a few basketball hoops in parks in Columbia which is more that I can say for the STL. Come on. Let's get it going. I shouldn't have to join the Y or build my own basketball court just to shoot some hoops. Anyway...... A lot of the roller girls who were not playing in the bout were super hammered and it was fun to watch. I'm sure the ones playing also got super hammered, but Ben and I drove home soon after the bout.
I was hoping to make it back in time to go to the Megan & Kelly birthday partay, but alas it was not meant to be. Happy Birthday ladies!
After seeing my fat moustache picture I decided to start my P90X workout program. It is pretty hardcore. I have done 3 days worth of workouts and watched what I ate and my body hurts. It is a good hurt though. I should be totally ripped in just 87 more days. I have a pretty sweet set up in my garage.
There are a lot of birthday's this week. Anne, Ben, Megan and Kelly. Wowsers.

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