Monday, May 18, 2009

New Postings

I need to get a new post up here so that people don't keep getting depressed by my obituary posts. Everyone needs to think about the Donut Burgers we had a Casey's birthday partay last night. They are a happy (although body shattering) thought.

I think Casey had a good birthday yesterday so that is good. I am exhausted. We stayed out a little late on Saturday after going to Macklind Days with the doggies, drinking and playing super chex at Mamacitas and hanging out at Enya Nightmare + CJs house. Then on Sunday I had a workout and cleaned the house like all day until people started arriving for the Burger Birthday Extravaganza. I think it went well. Very laid back and relaxing.

I'm going to Denver on Thursday.

Suck a Duck.

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aimless said...

I will send you pics of the burger donut cake very soon.