Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome to Joon

That was a bunch of pictures from our trip to Denver. Can you believe it?

It was a good time, but it went by very fast. Thanks Johnnie and Kevin for being so hospitable.

Some highlights (in no particular order):

1. Sleeping in John and XXXmas's bed
2. Petting their cat's with a sock on my hand so I wouldn't start sneezing
3. Hiking around Red Rocks and Boulder
4. Playing some hoops
5. Catching Nuggets fever (only to be slapped in the face by the Lakers)
6. Great food (especially this Mexican place right outside of the store selling the oldest beer in town, Heidi's Deli (I know it is a chain, but it was good) and the vegetarian restaurant w/Kevin
7. Seeing a roller derby girl's dress get pulled over her head (this would have been my highlight if I wasn't too cheap to pay $20 to see Denver roller derby. This will be Casey's highlight)
8. Giant G&Ts in Mugs for $2.50
9. Botanic Gardens ***
10. No mosquitoes
11. Free form Clarinet/Piano/Guitar/Accordion/Violin jams
12. Seeing some olde friends (have you seen them lately? they really are olde)
13. Star Trek - I just bought a bottle of red matter. Who wants to partay?
14. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but life goes on

Since we got back it has been life as usual, although I feel a little more motivated and rejuvenated. I can't say it has amounted to much yet, but getting the mind right is a good first step. I fucking HATE mosquitoes.

We (Ben, Ashley & I) had a great debate/screen writers meeting at Lemmons on Monday. We decided the next big entry into the Supermovie genre (you know meshing big budget franchises ex. Alien vs Predator, Freddy vs Jason, Joe vs the Volcano....) is.............

Police Academy vs The Terminator (copyright 2009)

I don't want to give away any secrets, but let's just say that Mahoney is in for a hell of a ride.

Last item:

I finally went to The Pageant. It was to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They put on quite a show. I highly recommend them. I know that it has been open for a long time, and I used to live down the street, and I've wanted to go countless times, but I finally made it happen. Maybe I just wanted to go because it was to a sold out show and I had to work hard to find tickets at the last minute. Who knows. I called a few numbers on Craigslist at about 7 o'clock. This guy had 4 tickets, but he was also selling tickets at the baseball game downtown. He said he would take a few bucks off if we met him at Broadway and Market to make the purchase. We made the buy without getting out of our car, and I half expected to get pulled over for suspicion of buying something else. It was a strange little experience, but all was well. There were some of my friends and a bunch of Rolley Skating girls there. It was a nice place. You could see well from everywhere pretty much.

Blah Blah Blah

OOh I almost forgot about my sweet (painful) sunburn. It looks like I was wearing a sportsbra in the sun for about 7 hours. Really I just did way more yardwork than I expected while wearing a wife beater. What the hell, here you go:

That is the most skin you will ever see of me.

Pleasant evenings.

*** I don't think that you can call one thing a Botanic Garden and another a Botanical Garden and have them both be right. Who's with me? Well ok. I give up.

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