Saturday, October 10, 2009


Well I have had 2 people ask about how my doctor's appointment went. I no longer like the rest of you (even though I still think Karista only asked because she wants to harvest my organs).

Well, the MRI came back clean which is good. I also met with a Pedorthist. The consensus is that the knee pain is a symptom of my foot problems. I am getting some custom inserts made which should help (unfortunately it takes 2 weeks to get them made). I am also taking some anti inflammatory stuffs for 2 weeks before I see them again.

Sort of on the same topic, but also another.....My brother sent me a book for my birthday. I started reading it right after I opened the package which is a good sign. It is called Born to Run. It is about this tribe of people in Mexico that are super athletes, but they live in caves and huts and only eat forest droppings and corn liquor. They can run for days straight without stopping. There is a lot more to it than that, but it is very interesting so far. They also make this super drink called iskaite that was described as a combination of salmon, fish oil and human growth hormone. I might try to make it. The main ingredient is chia seeds. I might have to go to the store to get more, because I used most of them on all of my Chia Obamas. Reminder: Call Greg and thank him.

I finished the 2nd season of Dexter. Awesome. Let's see how long I can go without craving the 3rd season. My guess is not long.

I watched episodes 2 & 3 of Bored to Death this morning. I really like it. I am afraid that it will go the way of Arrested Development though. Because of this show I will start describing normal movies as pre-apocalyptic. There was also a great line about a guy's girlfriend wanting him to go on a diet. He said: "When I'm with her I'm going to eat healthy, when I'm not I'm going to eat like an American." I love it.

Thank Jebus that the rain stopped because we are supposed to go to fright fest at Six Flags tonight.

I have been hearing about a band called 'No Age'. I think I will try to check them out.

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