Monday, October 5, 2009


I really need to get back on this blog train. I have actually done some cool shit lately. Ummmm yes. I went to a corn maize yesterday. It was cool, but not as exciting as the one in Pennsylvania. I think that is mostly because we thought we were going to freeze to death in Pennsylvania. I won a 6 oz mountain dew for making it out alive.

Casey (Nikki Vixxen) was on the news this morning to promote roller derby. Check it out. She is hott stuff:

Channel 2 Roller Derby

I also bought this chip for my Nintendo DS that allows me to play old NES games. I am in heaven sometimes.

Ohh. What I really have been doing is watching a lot of Dexter. I have almost watched the first 2 seasons in 1 week. I love it.

I might try homebrewing. Any thoughts?

Q: What is Red and smells like Blue Paint?

A: Red Paint

Keep your Butt in the truck!!!

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Jessica said...

A: Joan Rivers vagina