Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Snow Snow Snow

This is Horse Pucky. Dallas has had snow and we here in Saint Louie haven't had more than 30 minutes of flurries. Omaha had a giant snow storm yesterday. I want some snow. Booooo.

So hey. I didn't finish my 50000 word novel. I will attempt to keep at it, but we shall see. I am quite busy with work lately so maybe the world novel domination will wait until February.

The funniest/most vomit producing thing I have thought of recently (posted on twitter):

@SmartyMcFly: Stayed out WAY late last night and now my eye is paying. It is being all twitchy like. Still worth it though.

@extremefajitas: You probably have Hottub eye herpes.

@SmartyMcFly: You are probably right. Come, let me rub my eye herpes on you.

@extremefajitas: I'll pass. I already drank a bunch of Hottub water last night. It is not agreeing with me.

After I posted that last part about drinking water out of a Hot Tub I wanted to throw up.

Things of note:

1. I ran a 5K on Highway 40 before it was opened to traffic. It was cold, but a lot of fun actually. I ran with Julie V. We both run at about the same pace so we were able to push each other to keep it moving. I was a little disappointed that it was way too cold to wear my Vibram 5 fingers (frogman shoes), but I made due with real shoes. I should look and see if they have special frog socks for those. Our official time was 28:30, but our actual time was 28:00. Not too shabby.

2. I had to buy a furnace because ours was 23 years old and finally stopped working. Damn them shits is expensive, but we are getting a tax credit to cover some of it. The new one is 95% efficient and works really well. It sounds a little like a jet engine, but we will get used to that I'm sure. I worked from home when they installed it and it was 42 degrees in the house all day. Even Wicket (the woolly bear dog) got under a blanket that day.

3. As a result of the furnace breaking and not being able to be installed until after the weekend we stayed at my parents house. It was nice. We hung out, went on some dog walks, etc...

4. We also went to Hermann, MO to some Xmas craft fair my mom wanted to go to. I would say that the craft fair was a bust, but it was good to go back to Hermann. I had not been there since my Grandparents died. Actually since my Grandma died in 2005. We spent a lot of time there in my life and it felt good to see it again.

5. I would say that the QPTB reunion show was a success. It was great to play music with some of my best oldest friends. By old I mean bald. Haha. (Just kidding don't take my hair away oh ye gods). It was also great to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while in one place. There was a lot of nice intermingling of old friends. Hopefully it didn't sound too terrible either.

Since it has been so long since my last post I could write forever, but I will not. I'm going to go sacrifice a goat to see if I can get us a blizzard.

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