Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally someone who knows how to do things is stealing the ideas I have but don't tell anyone

Well I might have told Casey some of my great ideas in the past, but she is rarely listening to me. I have to blow in her face or throw things at her to get her attention.

There are two great ideas I have talked about (at least in my head) for a long time.

1. The first one is for radio stations to have the audio for television programs available on them as they are being broadcast. For instance if you are watching Family Guy and have to jump in the car and go to Lamaze class or scrapbook club. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to continue to listen to the audio of the Family Guy? I know this would not work for all shows, but I would like it. This probably means nothing to people who have fancy audio visual systems in their car, but I think it would be nice to listen to TV instead of listen to most things on the radio.

2. Underoos for adults. I know there are cartoon boxers that have been available forever, but it is not the same as when you had a new pair of underoos as a child. This again might only appeal to the small segment of the population who will never feel like an adult. I was surprised that these didn't exist as of a few years ago and wanted to do something about it, but I am lazy and was sure that it would have been copyright nightmare to actually develop this.

I don't think that #1 will probably ever come true, but guess what Target had today:

I apologize for not modeling them myself, but I don't think you are ready for that.

They cost more than I would like, but it took restraint to only buy 3 pairs. There was also Superman and Ironman.


Here is a picture of Wicket from the 5-8 inch Tsnownami that we had last month. Not to be confused with the 2-5 inch Sleetastrophe we had a few days ago. It is sometimes hard to get pictures of Wicket so Peanut gets all the press, but here is a great shot of Wicket in her favorite type of weather.

2 posts in a row, can you believe it?

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