Monday, March 15, 2010

Cool Water

I had a very animalcentric weekend. I was the only human around for most of the weekend, but I was in charge of my two dogs as well as bring your own jock jam's dog and cat.

I was like the dog whisperer, but better because there was a cat too. The dog whispered would freak out if another type of animal was introduced to his pack, but not me. Other animals could sense the grand animal power that I possessed as I walked between our two houses. Birds tried to perch on my shoulder and a parade of rats led me through the streets of south city. (OK that last part didn't happen, but I did also rescue two neighbor dogs who had gotten out of their yard).

A good time was had by all.

I also have a few observations from watching Animal Planet on Saturday.

1. Anytime I hear Sarah McLachlan I think of sick animals. It is a good thing that I could care less about her, because her voice is forever married to images of abused/neglected animals on an ASPCA commercial asking us to donate money. I don't know what I would do if they decided to use Journey or Bel Biv Devoe to get us to donate to suffering animals. I don't think I could ever listen to music again. I would just break down and cry every time I went out or turned the radio on.

I was going to put a link, but that was just way too depressing. How about this?

2. There are some news stories/quiz questions that are appropriate to get you to tune in after the commercial break to see the answer. This is not one of them:

How do you treat your dog for heat stroke?

a. Cool Water
b. Warm water
c. Ice water

Tune in after the break for the answer.

Now I know it is a stretch to think that your dog would come in from spending 10 hours in 120 degree heat right as this question came up on animal planet, but on the off chance that they do is it right to make them wait another 3 minutes to be treated?

Come on animal planet. Use your brains. You can use a teaser/quiz question like:

Which animal would win in a fight with a velociraptor?

a. Rhino
b. Elephant
c. Hamster

(the answer is none of the above)

The odds of you being approached by a velociraptor while on a leisurely walk through the park with your Rhino, Elephant and Hamster are much smaller than the odds of your dog getting heat stroke.

On another note I would like to shout out to Johnnie, XXXmas, Little Nicholas, Kevin and the Birdman for making my quick trip to Denver so enjoyable.

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