Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What does all this really mean?

How can the month of March be made into a hilarious name like February was made into Feb-bro-ary? I don't think it can so I will give up. I have to do a little photoshop work and I will come up with a new usage of the word/culture of Bro. Just you wait.

Last weekend was interesting. I went to a casino to watch some live music, watched some movies and (including Monday) went to 4 bars for a total of about 14 hours. Wow that seems like a lot. Here are some observations/questions:

1. Why do people go to casinos?

-There are always so many damn people at casinos and I don't quite understand it. The parking always seems terrible, the food is never that good (but there is a lot of it) and recognizable bands that play there are washed up. What is the draw? Free second hand smoke? Free soda?

*While at the casino I thought of a great idea for roller derby. Have the next casino built have a roller derby arena inside. Think about it. There are already tons of people at casinos with money burning a hole in their pocket. You have the sport, the hotel, the after party all in the same building. Let's make it happen.

2. Why do I love sports, but hate the people at sports bars?

-This might just be that I am annoyed by people in general. Sports bars have people.

3. If you had to drink one of the following what would it be any why?

Option A: A glass of lukewarm Hot Tub water (origins unknown).
Option B: A glass of fresh delicious water......that has three used band aids in it (band aid origins unknown).
Option C: Cyanide Kool Aid.

Where do you think the following text came from?:

Pregnant Bitches: Offer 50% more during pregnancy.
Lactating Bitches: Offer at least 2 to 3 times the normal amount of food.

Hint: Adult Formula is also involved.

Answer: Wicket and Peanut's dog food.

Tonight I'm going to eat steak with my special lady friend. I'm excited.

Do you think this post was unstructured and random? You were right. Shut up.


Smarty McFly said...

I read all this, but when I was done I wasn't sure why.

DOB said...

Option B, because it is delicious.

nikki bexx said...

Money's too tight for steak, Homer.