Monday, May 10, 2010

Cinco de Miracle Whip

Damn. I suck at blogging again. I told myself that I would not let it go this long again, but what did I really expect? I need a manager. Someone to yell at me when I am too lazy of a web blogger. Is it a coincidence that a lot of things have gone to shit since my last posts? Yes. Yes it is. I am going to put down the date that I meant to write about certain topics next to the topic. Please put yourself in a mental time machine when reading said topics. Thanks!!

1. 5/10/2010. Is this pizza awesome or what?
Are there places that specialize in custom pizza shapes? There should be. In the words of Nick Normal: PREAM Pizza Rules Everything Around Me - Get the Slice. Pizza Pizza Slice Y'all

2. 4/19/2010 Had a quick trip to Cincinnati with the ladies of ARRG. It was a pretty fun trip and I made a few realizations.

a. The Cinci Rollergirls have a super awesome venue for Roller Derby: The Cincinnati Gardens. They have tons of seats, tailgating is encouraged, ample parking, they have Chick Fil A sandwiches for sale, and the freaking Beatles once played there. Ahhh If only the Arena hadn't been blowed up here in STL. It seems like the other viable Roller Derby venues in the city are both owned by SLU: Bauman-Eberhardt Center (holds 2200 up top, but might only have a basketball playing surface) and the Chaifetz Arena which holds 10,600 (awesome, but probably 1 bazillion dollars to rent/use).

b. People in Saint Louis are nice. At first I thought that maybe people/fans in Cinci were super assholes, but the more places I go the more I realize that people in STL are just super nice. We don't boo people unless they deserve to be booed.

3. 4/20/2010 Woooooo 420. Happy Birthday to little Oscar and big Sean. I will always remember your weed smokin birthdays.

4. 4/28/2010 I could not have even written this on my home computer on 4/28 because I got many computer virus' and spyware. The lesson is: Don't get a virus. It can ruin your evening.

5. 5/5/5010 I went to 3 Mexican restaurants on Cinco de Mayo. What does that make me? A drunk American. It was fun though.

I started this post days ago, and it is not interesting or funny so I want to end it now.

Do you know which are my two favorite Smurfs?
If you guessed Jokey and Grouchy you were right. Although Vanity and Brainy are pretty good too. Did you know that Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Hermann) is playing Jokey in an upcoming CGI Smurfs movie? Woah.

Look I posted something.

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